Montessori Basics

The Difference Between Montessori and Daycare

Weighing up child care options? Learn about the differences between Montessori schools and daycare centers, so that you can select the best arrangement for your family

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Fresh Off The Press

Big Work in Elementary Classrooms

Published on Mar 30th

A look at how Big Work, a core component of the Montessori elementary classroom, fosters and represents the child’s unique expression of mastery over academic content.

Introducing Guidepost Picco

Published on Mar 29th

Guidepost Picco is a revolutionary new in-home program that combines the intimacy of a nanny share with the support of a childcare center.

Guidepost Helped Our Son's Light Shine Brighter

Published on Mar 9th

A conversation with Guidepost parents about how our virtual program has supported their son’s growth, even through an incredibly difficult period of his life.

When Should My Toddler Move Up to Children's House?

Published on Feb 16th

Moving up to Children's House is an exciting milestone for Montessori toddlers. We explore some of the key things to consider as you and your child prepare for this transition.

Montessori Basics

Kindergarten at Guidepost

Published on Jan 19th

Why is the third year of Children’s House so important? Explore how the preparation and learning that takes place during the first and second years of Children's House come together and flower into highly advanced academic work during the Capstone Year.

Virtual Montessori

Why I Loved Having My Toddler in Virtual School

Published on Dec 15th, 2022

The mother of a former student of Guidepost virtual and current student at Guidepost at Museum Mile in New York City chatted with us about how Guidepost’s virtual offerings gave her the tools and guidance she needed to bring Montessori into her home.

Success Stories

How Guidepost Helped this Child Blossom

Published on Dec 6th, 2022

A conversation with Guidepost Montessori parents on how the flexibility and unique offerings of the school program helped their child with ASD make progress by leaps and bounds.

Success Stories

A Look at Montessori High School

Published on Mar 22nd, 2022

Meet Lily, a 16-year-old sophomore at the Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI). ATI is Guidepost’s sister network for middle and high school, where students can continue to learn in a way that preserves agency and curiosity. She shares her own take on how Montessori schooling is shaping her future.

Learning and Development

The Importance of Practical Life

Published on Mar 15th, 2022

Maria Montessori once observed that children are happiest when they are engaged in real-life, ordinary activities. They enjoy wiping down tables, sweeping floors or watering the plants at home. These tasks proved to be so important to a child’s development that Montessori added an area of the Montessori classroom devoted to these activities, and she called it Practical Life.

Montessori Basics

Get to Know Guidepost Montessori: Our Programs, Our Community, Our Pedagogy

Published on Mar 7th, 2022

New to Guidepost? Start here. In this guide, we’ll break down our top resources that share our commitment to exceptional Montessori learning at school, in-home, and around the world, from birth through adulthood.

Our Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori approach to human development is based on the belief in the potential of the child, and on the belief that it is only the child who can realize this potential. To grow up well is to grow up to be increasingly independent—to be increasingly capable, increasingly confident, increasingly secure.

Giving your child the keys to life

Guidepost Montessori offers a unique and holistic approach to education for children of all ages with over 120 brick & mortar schools, virtual and homeschool, and Spanish and Mandarin language immersion options.

Our curriculum fosters independence, creativity, and a love of learning. Book a school tour today and take the first step in giving your child the gift of a Montessori education.

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